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We produce resources and materials for families, youth, and teachers to teach digital safety, emotional regulation, and other useful skills for keeping children safe in their everyday activities. 


All our resources are produced by our team of specialists in developmental psychology, psychotherapy, human rights, child rights, and criminal law. 


Browse through all of our resources below. 

What kind of resources are you looking for?

Don’t know where to start?

Here are some of our favourite resources.

The Kip Crew Manages Their Worries

An activity booklet for children aged 4-9 years to help them think about and manage their worrying feelings

Big Feelings Come and Go book

This storybook teaches kids about freeze, flight and fight and helps them learn some basic self-regulation skills.

The Kip Crew Memo 3-in-1 Stop, Slow & Go game

The game, which is based on a familiar memory game, is perfect for learning how to put emotions into words and practicing skills related to emotion regulation.

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