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The Kip Crew Manages Their Worries – Activity Booklet (all language versions)

Updated: 2 days ago

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It is currently not possible to download the worry booklets on this page. They can temporarily be downloaded here instead, while we fix the problem.

Protect Children, in collaboration with Fun Academy, has published The Kip Crew Manages Their Worries – an activity booklet for children aged 4-9 years to help them think about and manage their worrying feelings, and in particular to address worries and fears caused by the war in Ukraine and to restore a sense of security.

The activity booklet is available in 16 languages: English, Ukrainian, Finnish, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish, Italian, German, Estonian, Spanish, Croatian, Romanian, Hungarian, Danish and French. The booklet is also available as bilingual versions, with Ukrainian as the second language . Download all versions for free below.

For inquiries related to the activity booklet, please contact: Katariina Leivo, Specialist in Developmental Psychology katariina.leivo@suojellaanlapsia.fi +358 40 081 8030

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