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About us

At Protect Children, we envision a future where no child is subject to sexual harassment, grooming, or any other form of sexual violence. We stand with victims, survivors, and their families affected by childhood sexual violence.

We will achieve this future with our research-based holistic method, where our dedicated team works with professionals, governments, NGOs, offenders, families, victims, and survivors to prevent all sexual violence against children.

Protect Children is a non-profit, non-governmental Helsinki-based organisation working internationally with a dedicated team advocating for the right of the child to be free from sexual violence.

We build our work on scientific research and evidence based methods.

Protect Children brings together specialists each with unique specialities into a strong and dedicated team, working tirelessly to strengthen children’s rights. Together, we have years of expertise of national and international cooperation in preventing sexual crimes against children, especially in the online environment. We evaluate our processes on a regular basis and constantly update our knowledge.

We help give a voice to children so that their views are heard in our communities. We advocate for child rights and support all efforts that guarantee that no child becomes a victim of sexual violence. 


The purpose of all of our work is to raise awareness about the prevalence of sexual violence against children, and advocate for greater protections for children, in order to prevent such crimes from occurring.

Our work has a tangible effect on improving children’s right to be protected from sexual violence.

Every child has the right to be safe from all forms of violence. Sexual violence is one of the most adverse and traumatic childhood experience (ACE) but there are always ways to recover with the help of timely, evidence based treatment and psychosocial support.

Our guiding principles

Our work is guided by the principles contained in the following:


"Protect Children has brought the startup spirit to non-profit work. Agile and innovative group with a strong vision and a dedication for a better tomorrow."

- Peter Vesterbacka

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