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We give voice to children so that their views can would be heard in our communites, we help to protect children in a very...

Our team

Protect Children is a non-governmental Helsinki-based organisation working internationally with a dedicated team advocating for the right of the child to be free from sexual violence.

Our small, dedicated team has deep speciality in a broad range of subjects. Meet our team and find contact information below.

Executive Director, Senior Specialist, Psychotherapist

Nina Vaaranen-Valkonen is the Executive Director of Protect Children. She also works as Senior Specialist and Psychotherapist, and has 15 years of professional experience protecting children from sexual violence.

Deputy Director, Legal Specialist

Anna Ovaska is the Deputy Director of Protect Children. She also acts as Legal Specialist with her expertise in international criminal law and child rights.

Senior Specialist

Katariina Leivo is a Senior Specialist at Protect Children. She has considerable international experience working in early development.

Head of Advocacy

Matilda Sandvik is the Head of Advocacy at Protect Children. She specialises in privacy and data rights and the realisation of the rights of the child in different environments.

Head of Research

Tegan Insoll is the Head of Research at Protect Children. She is an international human rights lawyer specialised in global health law and the rights of the child.

Junior Specialist

Valeriia Soloveva is a Junior Specialist at Protect Children. She is conducting offender-focused research, analysing data gathered directly from child sexual abuse material users in the dark web.

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