We give voice to children so that their views can would be heard in our communites, we help to protect children in a very...

Ending all sexual violence against children

Protect Children takes a research-based holistic method to prevent any child from being subject to sexual harassment, grooming, or any other kind of sexual violence

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Cyber Security Month – Let's strengthen children’s digital safety skills together

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Finnish Parliamentary Election 2023 Goals

Our Voice survivor group

Resources for parents guardians and families

Global platforms, partial protections: Design 

Finland wants better protection for children online

We help give voice to children so that their views would be heard in our communities.
The purpose of all of our work is to raise awareness and enhance the public discourse on the phenomenon.
We build our work on scientific research and evidence based methods.
We give voice to children so that their views can would be heard in our communites, we help to protect children in a very...

"We aim to help protect children in a very concrete way. Our organisation’s one and only focus is to work toward preventing sexual crimes against children. We bring together a team of specialists with a broad range of national and international experience, and work from multiple angles to protect children."

Did you know?


of children in Europe are victims of some form of sexual violence (Council of Europe)


of abused children never tell anyone about their experience (Council of Europe)


global reports of suspected online child sexual exploitation in 2021 (NCMEC’s CyberTipline)

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Protect Children works to prevent sexual violence against children

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