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Children’s safety skills education

Providing children opportunities to learn important safety skills to stay safe in all environments

Protect Children educates children on how to stay safe, including in online environments

We produce educational material and trainings for children, youth, parents, caregivers and educators aimed at preventing sexual violence and to strengthen children’s safety and emotion regulation skills. All of our educational material is based on the latest research in the field and knowledge gathered as part of our other work.

Here are some educational resources picked out for you by our team

Stop, Slow & Go teaching materials

The Kip Crew Manages their worries - activity booklet

Let’s practice taking screenshots together! - Guide

By developing safety skills, children are better equipped to encounter different situations, emotions and content, both online and offline. We also produce educational material and training focusing on dealing with trauma and providing trauma informed care.


We focus specifically on developing children’s digital safety skills, to ensure that children can stay safe on social media platforms, when gaming, and in all digital environments.


It is important for children to have the opportunity to learn these skills as early as possible, and our materials are therefore aimed already starting at the youngest age groups.


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