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Supporting victims, survivors, and families

Amplifying the voices of survivors of child sexual abuse and supporting victims and their families

Protect Children supports survivors and families who have been affected by crimes of sexual violence against children. 

We strongly believe that crimes of sexual violence against children are violence against the entire family. We support parents and caregivers whose child has become victim of a sexual crime in our peer support groups.


Every child that has become victim of sexual violence has the right to heal without fear of recordings of their abuse circulating online, possibly forever. We contribute to the removal of child sexual abuse material from the internet as part of the international Project Arachnid network. 


We support survivors of child sexual abuse and advocate for strengthening their rights and restoring justice for victims on a national and international level. We amplify their voices and wisdom as part of our advocacy work and have founded the “Our Voice” survivor group for survivors of sexual violence in childhood.


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