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Research on sexual violence against children

Researching crimes of sexual violence against children to strengthen child protection measures

Protect Children conducts innovative research on crimes of sexual violence against children, including offender-focused research

In order to prevent sexual violence against children, we constantly need new and up-to-date information to understand the nature of the crimes, the offenders, and the victims. 


At Protect Children, we conduct innovative offender-focused research to understand more about the perpetrators of online crimes of sexual violence against children. We regularly publish reports, research articles, and blog posts on our research.

With the information we gain from researching offenders of online child sexual violence, we translate the knowledge into proactive, concrete preventative measures. Our ReDirection Self-Help Program is a preventive measure that offers free, anonymous CBT-based guidance to individuals who are trying to stop using CSAM. By providing such resources, we aim to reduce the demand for CSAM, and as such reduce the number of children exposed to such harms.


Image by Andrew Neel

Read our recent publications


Read the ReDirection Survey Report

The ReDirection Survey Report reveals unprecedented findings from Protect Children’s surveys in the dark web on CSAM users. This new information is invaluable in enhancing global child protection efforts and strengthening the fight to protect children from sexual violence online.

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