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What we do

At Protect Children, we are driven by our mission to build a world free from sexual violence against children. We work with three core themes to support and advocate for victims, survivors, and families; intervene and rehabilitate potential offenders; and empower and educate children to stay safe in all environments. 

Early is Best

Children’s safety skills education

We believe that early education is a powerful tool for prevention. Through our Early is Best initiative at Protect Children, we equip children and young people with essential skills and knowledge to stay safe offline and online. By teaching children about personal boundaries, consent, and safety, we empower them to recognise and respond to potential risks, ensuring their well-being today and for a safer future.

Our Voice

Supporting and advocating for victims, survivors, and families

We stand with victims, survivors, and families affected by childhood sexual violence. The Our Voice initiative is dedicated to providing unwavering support, advocacy, and resources to empower those who have been impacted. Together, we raise our voices to break the silence, advocate for legislative change, and work towards a safer world for all children.


Offender-focused research and prevention

Committed to preventing harm at its source, our ReDirection work focuses on offender-focused research and prevention. We believe in addressing the root causes of sexual violence against children. By conducting innovative research and implementing targeted interventions, we work to redirect potential offenders away from harmful behaviours, ultimately safeguarding vulnerable populations.


What we do

At Protect Children, we believe that a holistic approach is essential for fully protecting children from all forms of sexual violence. Find out more about what we do to protect children and promote the realisation of children’s rights in all environments.

Children’s Safety Skills Education

Protect Children educates children on how to stay safe, including in online environments. We produce educational material and trainings for children, youth, parents, caregivers and educators aimed at preventing sexual violence and to strengthen children’s safety and emotion regulation skills. All of our educational material is based on the latest research in the field and knowledge gathered as part of our other work.


Online Road Safety

Every child has the right to information, learning, and safety also in digital environments.

We give voice to children so that their views can would be heard in our communites, we help to protect children in a very...

Innovative Research & Offender-Focused Prevention

Protect Children conducts innovative research on sexual crimes against children, including research on the perpetrators of the crimes. In order to prevent sexual violence against children, we constantly need new and up-to-date information in order to understand the nature of the crimes, the perpetrators and the victims. ​We are conducting innovative research focusing on perpetrators of sexual violence against children in order to get more information. We regularly publish reports, research articles and blog posts about the findings of our research.



Preventing online sexual violence against children by researching and rehabilitating offenders.

Prevention to Protect research project 

Producing research-based recommendations for the tech industry on preventing child sexual abuse materials (CSAM) crimes.

2PS: Prevent and Protect Through Support

EU-funded project to reduce child sexual abuse and exploitation.

Supporting Victims, Survivors, and Families

We strongly believe that crimes of sexual violence against children are violence against the entire family. We support parents and caregivers whose child has become victim of a sexual crime in our peer support groups.


Every child that has become victim of sexual violence has the right to heal without fear of recordings of their abuse circulating online, possibly forever. We contribute to the removal of child sexual abuse material from the internet as part of the international Project Arachnid network. 


We support survivors of child sexual abuse and advocate for strengthening their rights and restoring justice for victims on a national and international level. We amplify their voices and wisdom as part of our advocacy work and have founded the “Our Voice” survivor group for survivors of sexual violence in childhood.


You Are Enough peer support groups

Peer support groups for parents and families of child victims of sexual violence.

Project Arachnid

Developed by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection, Project Arachnid is an innovative tool to combat child sexual abuse material (CSAM) on the internet.

Justice Initiative

The European Justice Initiative aims to restore justice for past victims of abuse across Europe and strengthen child protection for future generations.

Our Voice

Amplifying the voices of survivors of child sexual abuse.

Advocacy & Awareness

Protect Children works to raise awareness about the prevalence of sexual violence against children, and strongly advocates nationally and internationally for greater protections and preventive measures and to strengthen the rights of children, survivors and families affected by child sexual abuse.

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