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Our Voice

Amplifying the voices of survivors of child sexual abuse.

Protect Children has founded the Our Voice survivor group for Finnish survivors of child sexual abuse

The aim of the group is to provide a forum for adults who have become victims of sexual violence in childhood to amplify their voices in our advocacy work, advocating to restore justice for past victims of sexual abuse, strengthen survivors’ rights and ensure more effective child protection measures to prevent further crimes.

It is possible to participate in the group anonymously, and the information gathered from the survivors is always used anonymously, unless separately agreed otherwise.

Are you interested in joining the Our Voice survivor group? Apply to become a member.

Please note that the group is currently only held in Finnish.

Recent Our Voice news

Recent Our Voice publications

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Enter the writing room

Writing has been found to have a positive effect on mental health, in particular after traumatic experiences, as it can help you to compile a series of events that can be dealt with more concretely. The writing room is intended to support you in structuring your thoughts and feelings and thus support your recovery and/or your child's recovery.

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