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Mother and child

You are Enough

Peer support groups for parents and families of child victims of sexual violence.

Protect Children arranges You are Enough peer-support groups for parents and guardians whose child has become a victim of sexual violence

The goal of the groups is to strengthen the ability of parents and guardians to support their child during lengthy criminal proceedings. Parents and guardians have the opportunity to share experiences, thoughts and feelings in a safe and confidential space with others who find themselves in similar life situations.

Please note that the groups are currently only held in Finnish.

Recent news about the "You Are Enough" Peer Support Group

“The groups are led with great expertise. It feels safe. You can be yourself. With those powers, that you have today. There’s space for discovery. You also receive valuable practical guidance in a difficult process”


Peer support group

The principal goal of the groups is to recognize and strengthen the survival skills and resources of parents and guardians as well as to discover new perspectives.

The child’s parents and guardians are in a primary role in supporting the child during the various phases of the criminal process and to guarantee a normal daily life for the entire family as far as possible. Through peer support, guided by Protect Children’s specialists, many parents have received support for difficult situations as well as information and strength to move forward.

The groups are held in Finland and are free of cost for the participants. The meetings are arranged remotely, participants can participate from any Finnish region.

The principal goal of the groups is to recognize and strengthen the survival skills and resources of parents and guardians as well as to discover new perspectives.

“Sexual violence against a child is violence against the entire family. Every parent has the right to be heard and the right to receive support. Based on the feedback we have received from the peer support groups, I cannot highlight enough the strengthening power of peer support.”

Nina Vaaranen-Valkonen

Executive Director, Senior Specialist of Protect Children

Recent publications about the "You Are Enough" Peer Support Group


Writing Room

Writing has been found to have a positive effect on mental health, in particular after traumatic experiences, as it can help you to compile a series of events that can be dealt with more concretely. The writing room is intended to support you in structuring your thoughts and feelings and thus support your recovery and/or your child's recovery.

Relaxation practice

Sometimes after thinking about heavy and difficult things and writing about them, it can be challenging to stop thinking or focus on other things. Your thoughts and writings can also be felt in your body as sadness, anger or feelings of anxiety. You can use the following exercises to help you return to this moment.​

Exercises that activate the senses:

  1. Go through all your senses in turn, focusing on the things you can see, hear, feel, taste and smell in your environment. 

  2. Activate your body with small movements, e.g. exercise, wash the dishes or walk, and focus in your mind on telling yourself what you are doing, while focusing on the activity itself, also paying attention to it with your senses, e.g. "I take a plate in my hand, I feel warm water on my hand..."

  3. Listen to music and focus on listening to one instrument in the music, e.g. drums or piano. 

You Are Enough podcast

In Protect Childrens Sinä Riität podcast, Protect Chilrens executive director, special expert, psychotherapist Nina Vaaranen-Valkonen and psychologist Nina Lyytinen discuss the topic together with a parent whose child has been the target of a sexual crime. The podcast highlights the parents need to be met, heard and understood with exactly the resources and emotions they experience at different stages of the criminal process.

Please note that the podcasts are only in Finnish.

Mother and child
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