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Online Road Safety "Nice to Know" - videoseries

Updated: Jul 21, 2022


Nice to Know- video series

The "Nice to Know" - video series is a part of our #OnlineRoadSafety project. In the series, we interview our partners' specialists and other specialists in the field of children's digital safety skills. We hear about digital safety skills and tips from various specialists from the points of view of their expertise. All 10 episodes of the series can be found below. Note! All episodes have English subtitles.

In the first episode we interview executive director of Protect Children, senior specialist, psychotherapist, Nina Vaaranen-Valkonen, and we talk about digital safety skills and how to talk about them to children.

In the second episode we interview the executive director of Protect Children, senior specialist, psychotherapist, Nina Vaaranen-Valkonen. We talk about harmful content on the internet, and how to act if a child is exposed to harmful content.

In the third episode Anna's guest is online-helper Janne Vepsäläinen from our #OnlineRoadSafety partner Zoturi. Together they discuss digital safety skills and among other things, how to get children to become interested in them.

In the fourth episode Anna's guest is senior advisor, Julie Crutchley from ECPAT Norway. They discuss ECPAT Norway's current projects and Julie gives tips on how to get children more engaged in learning about digital safety skills.

In the fifth episode we interview ICT-pedagogue, Simo Marttinen from the Regional State Administrative Agency. We discuss the Regional State Administrative Agency's work in bettering children's online safety, as well as the importance of digital safety skills from the point of view of an ICT-pedagogue.

In the sixth episode, we interview DNA's Vice President of Communications and Sustainability, Vilhelmiina Wahlbeck, who introduces their research results and data regarding children's use of digital devices. She also shares some useful tips for how to promote the safe use of these devices.

In the seventh episode Anna's guest is Senior Adviser Olivia Lind Haldorsson, leader of the CBSS Childen at Risk unit. They discuss children's digital safety skills and how these are present in the CBSS' work.

In the eight episode our guest is the Head of Education, Antti Lähtevänoja, from ZOAN. Antti shares knowledge about what virtual environments are, of the importance of children's digital safety skills within these environments, and he also gives some concrete advise for how to use them safely.

In the ninth episode our guest is senior constable Michela Söderström from our partner the Police of Finland. We discuss why children's digital safety skills are so important from the police's perspective, as well as how to prevent that children fall victim to, or perpetrate, crimes online.

In the tenth episode, our guest is Sanna Lukander, the CEO of our partner Fun Academy. Together we discuss how to make the learning of digital safety skills more fun and exciting.


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