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#OnlineRoadSafety: Tips for Parents and Guardians of Teenagers


This #OnlineRoadSafety Guide gives 6 quick and easy tips for parents and guardians of teenagers to start discussions and learn new skills to keep young people safe when navigating online environments.

  1. Be present in digital life - Regularly ask how things are going in your teen's digital life. Always start by discussing nice things first. Being aware of what they are doing online, where, and with whom is more important than regulating screen time.

  2. Public profiles - Discuss public profiles and posts. Remind your teen that their profile picture should not reveal that they are a teenager/child.

  3. Open discussions - Discuss the importance of taking a screenshot of upsetting or confusing situations online. Remember to stress that encountering these situations is not your teen's fault.

  4. Age limits - Discuss the age limits of the apps, platforms, and games. Explain the reasons behind the age limits and why they are important.

  5. Regular breaks from using digital devices - Agree as a family the times when everyone will take a break from using digital devices (e.g. meal times).

  6. Teenagers learn from your example - Always ask the teenager's permission before taking or sharing a photo of them.


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