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Phone parking lot

Updated: Sep 30


Phone parking lot

Constantly expanding research indicates that it is vital to encourage children to limit the time they spend using digital devices. It is important for children to have moments without their phones. The Phone Parking Lot protects children on digital roads and gives them a regular break from using their digital devices.

Online Road Safety - Phone parking lot
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A child’s brain needs calm moments in their increasingly busy digital life. The Phone Parking Lot is especially useful in the evenings to help children calm down and get a proper night of sleep. Parking digital devices in the Phone Parking Lot allows the smart devices to stay out of the bedroom and the bathroom. Rules agreed early in child’s life on the use of the Phone Parking Lot protect the child on digital roads. Using the Phone Parking Lot can also prevent conflicts in the future.

How to make and use the Phone Parking Lot:

  1. Print out the Phone Parking Lot template

  2. Color in or decorate the phone parking lot in your chosen way

  3. Glue the template on a cardboard e.g. cereal box or shoe box as a base and fold along the dotted line

  4. Agree together what time all the phones in the family are parked at the phone parking lot

Create together a points collection system for using the phone parking lot. You can decide as a family a suitable reward for using the parking lot successfully (for example a family games night or a treat).

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