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Online Road Safety - Video clips to educate children on digital safety skills

Updated: Jul 21, 2022


Protect Children's Online Road Safety video clips educate children on important digital safety skills in an easy and clear way. The four video clips around digital safety themes stem from the right of the child to participate and to be heard. The visuals behind the videos are based on artwork created by children at Protect Children's media skills workshops.

The videos are excellently suited to be watched together with the child, to encourage discussions about the digital daily life and digital safety skills.

Video 1 reminds children about the importance of privacy in digital environments

Video 2 encourages children to tell safe adults about any strange, thought-provoking or scary messages

Video 3 reminds children to use common sense while navigating the online traffic, reminding them that not everything should be shared

Video 4 deals with inappropriate behavior in gaming environments and reminds of the importance of safe adults' presence


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