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ReDirection Report: Spanish Speaking CSAM Users in the Dark Web


ReDirection Survey Report

Spanish Speaking CSAM Users in the Dark Web: Findings from Spanish Language Respondents to ReDirection Surveys of CSAM Users in the Dark Web

Protect Children's latest ReDirection report reveals unprecedented findings on Spanish speaking respondents to Protect Children’s surveys in the dark web on CSAM users. This new information is invaluable in enhancing global child protection efforts and strengthening the fight to protect children from sexual violence online.

© Suojellaan Lapsia, Protect Children ry. 2023

ReDirection Report_Spanish Speaking CSAM Users in the Dark Web 2023
Lataa PDF • 6.10MB

The ReDirection project is funded by the Safe Online Initiative at End Violence. Safe Online has invested over US $77M in +100 projects around the world to create a safer internet for children. The Safe Online Initiative, in close partnership with grantees and partners, is leading on global efforts to make the internet safe for children by investing for impact in programmes that work and generating evidence to inform advocacy and collective action.

This report is published in collaboration with Red PaPaz.


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