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Cybersecurity Month – Let's strengthen children’s digital safety skills together

Updated: Mar 26


October is European Cybersecurity Month. The annual campaign is dedicated to raising awareness about cyber security and online safety. In honor of the campaign, Protect Children wishes to underline every child’s right to information, learning, and safety, also in digital environments.

Children should learn digital safety skills as early as possible, before they start to navigate digital environments independently. Our Online Road Safety campaign and materials are aimed at children, families and educators, to help children stay safe online.

Find some of our useful resources gathered on this page.


Online Road Safety video clips

The Online Road Safety video clips educate children on important digital safety skills in an easy and clear way. The videos are excellently suited to be watched together with the child, to encourage discussions about digital daily life and digital safety skills.


Traffic light poster

The traffic light model which Protect Children's Stop, Slow & Go- learning materials are based on, helps children grasp the idea that different situations and content online require different actions. Available as two different versions, one for younger children and one for adolescents.


Let’s talk about digital safety skills

Digital devices, apps, and games are constantly changing. Parents being present, supportive, and practicing digital safety skills together with the child is more important than guidelines for a specific application or a game. This guide offers tips for how to start discussions about digital safety skills together with children.


Phone parking lot

Constantly expanding research indicates that it is vital to encourage children to limit the time they spend using digital devices. The Phone Parking Lot protects children on digital roads and gives them a regular break from using their digital devices..


Let’s practice taking screenshots together – Guide

With a screenshot, it is significantly easier for a child to tell you about both pleasant and unpleasant situations that they have encountered online. This guide gives you tips for practicing taking screenshots together and developing children's digital safety skills.


Checklist for safer online gaming

Playing is a natural part of childhood. Gaming, like many other activities in digital environments, can bring much joy and many benefits to children. This short guide includes tips which help protect children from the more negative sides of gaming environments.


6 tips for parents

This short guide includes 6 tips which help to increase children’s safety online and support the child’s digital safety skills education. Available in two different versions, one for younger children and one for adolescents.


Other useful resources

Find all our resources on our resources page!


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