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#OnlineRoadSafety Short film

Updated: Jul 21, 2022


The short film on children's digital safety skills, published as part of Protect Children's #OnlineRoadSafety project and made in a public service announcement- style, highlights the importance of the presence of a safe adult in children's everyday use of digital media. English subtitles are available.

Digital safety education is an important part of our everyday life for decades and traffic safety skills have been taught to children starting from a young age. Even young Finnish children possess good traffic safety skills, but with regards to digital safety skills, it is clear that children need better media education and digital safety skills. Because the digital media has become such a vital part of our everyday lives and it is important that we know how to navigate safely also in the digital environments.

The short film is excellently suited to be watched together with the child, acting as a base for starting discussions about the digital daily life and digital safety skills.


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