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Skydda Barn rf beviljas 2022 Tech Coalition #SafeOnline Research Fund- finansiering

Uppdaterat: 8 nov. 2023


Today, on 8 December 2022, the Tech Coalition and the Safe Online initiative of the Global Partnership to End Violence announce Protect Children as one of eight awardees of the 2022 Tech Coalition Safe Online Research Fund to undertake innovative, actionable research for tackling online child exploitation and abuse with a focus on applications for the tech industry.


The Tech Coalition and End Violence innovative partnership through the Tech Coalition Safe Online Research Fund is now officially entering its 3rd year. The fund for 2022 is focused on innovative research to increase understanding of and build concrete solutions towards prevention and deterrence, detection and reporting, response and support relating to CSEA that can help the technology industry’s approach to combating online child sexual exploitation and abuse.

We are thrilled to announce that Protect Children has been chosen together with 7 other grantees to continue building the #SafeOnline initiative across the world with our innovative research, to ultimately end all forms of sexual violence among children.

Together with the Tech Coalition #SafeOnline Research Fund for a better world for children


Protect Children extends our immense gratitude to the Tech Coalition Safe Online Research Fund for supporting our work to protect children. With the support of the Tech Coalition and End Violence, we will continue our offender-focused prevention approach with our research project: “Primary Prevention to Protect Children: Offender-focused prevention of online sexual violence against children”. Under this project, we will explore help-seeking motivations of potential offenders and offenders leading to development of appropriate interventions for offenders. The findings will have concrete implications for the development of trust and safety in the tech industry to more effectively prevent online child sexual exploitation and abuse.

Complete list of 2022 Grantees

  • Child Safe Net (Nepal) - enhancing parental roles in protecting children from online sexual exploitation and abuse

  • The Federation of the Women Associations of Türkiye (Turkey) - mapping Turkey's online CSEA response and support mechanisms

  • MSB Berlin Medical School (Germany) - development of psychological profiles that lead to sexually harmful/problematic behaviours within online platforms

  • Royal Roads University (Canada) - cross-regional Study on youth’s Experience of Peer-to-Peer Sexual Violence Online, the Social norms that around it and youth-led recommendations for prevention and response.

  • Save the Children (Hong Kong)- protecting children from online grooming, generating cross-cultural, qualitative and child-centred data to guide grooming prevention and response

  • Suojellaan Lapsia, Protect Children ry (Finland) - generate evidence on offender-focused prevention of online sexual violence against children

  • Swansea University (UK) - building strengthened safeguards with its anti-grooming technology

  • ZanaAfrica (USA) - focusing on understanding online sexual exploitation and abuse of children with intellectual disabilities in Kenya.


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