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Protect Children’s ReDirection Program Selected for Landmark Evaluation

Updated: 3 days ago


On 30th May 2024, the Moore Center for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and The Royal’s Institute of Mental Health Research introduced Prevention Global. This research initiative and comprehensive online resource hub will showcase innovative approaches to preventing child sexual abuse perpetration and offer dedicated organisations a wealth of insights.

Prevention Global will conduct impact evaluations on seven perpetration prevention programs. These evaluations, conducted in collaboration with program developers, will provide critical data to inform policies, practices, and funding decisions aimed at preventing child sexual abuse worldwide.

Dr. Elizabeth Letourneau, PhD, Director of the Moore Center, emphasises the significance of this initiative: “We will soon have an explosion of data to inform critical questions about what works and what needs work when it comes to effectively preventing child sexual abuse perpetration.”

Protect Children is thrilled to announce that our ReDirection Self-Help Program has been chosen as a high potential perpetration prevention program to undergo rigorous impact evaluation.

Our ReDirection Self-Help Program stands out among over 40 programs assessed since 2021. ReDirection aims to provide individuals with the tools and support they need to redirect harmful impulses and behaviours, thereby stopping potential abuse before it occurs. This proactive approach is essential in addressing the root causes of abuse and creating safer environments for children. 

The development and evaluation of perpetration prevention programs have accelerated in recent years, driven in part by substantial investments such as a $10.3 million contribution from the Oak Foundation. This funding has enabled Prevention Global to assess and select promising programs in preventing child sexual abuse. 

While the final seven programs are primarily focused in the Global North, Prevention Global is committed to expanding its reach. Future efforts will focus on adapting these programs for accessibility in diverse economic and socio-political environments worldwide. 

ReDirection will contribute to a growing body of knowledge aimed at making child sexual abuse preventable, not inevitable. Protect Children looks forward to the insights and improvements that will emerge from this evaluation, and are proud to join this groundbreaking initiative. 

For more information and to stay updated on our progress, visit Prevention Global.

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