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Protect Children participated in the Justice Initiative European conference against child abuse


Protect Children’s Executive Director, Senior Specialist Nina Vaaranen-Valkonen participated in the Justice Initiative conference against child abuse, organised by the French Justice Initiative Hub in Paris.

Experts, decision-makers and survivors spoke at the event focusing on restoring justice for past victims of abuse and strengthening child protection for future generations. Also the survivors who participated in the “Shame- European Stories” exhibition gave their own silent testimonies through the conference's digital screens, including four of Protect Children’s Our Voice survivor group's members. Read more about the Our Voice survivor group here.

The Justice Initiative collectively brings attention to the silenced cases of the past and the experienes of victims of violence. By addressing the past, we can strengthen both the protection of children and the realisation of children’s and victims’ rights across Europe now and in the future.

Protect Children leads the work of the Justice Initiative in the Nordic countries. Our goal is to strengthen the rights of victims of abuse and the preventive measures in the Nordics for future generations. In our work we strongly amplify the voices and wisdom of survivors on a national and international level.

Read more about our work in the Justice Initiative here.


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