• Nina Vaaranen-Valkonen

Meta-Analysis of Mielenterveystalo.fi self-help program for those with sexual interest in children

Updated: Jul 21


Meta-analysis of the previous Mielenterveystalo.fi self help program (for people who have sexual interest in children) for the purpose of ReDirection project is available.

The use of online child sexual abuse material (CSAM/CSEM) is a global shadow pandemic and therefore national borders are rather insignificant. The need for anonymous dark web-based self-help program focusing on preventing the use of CSEM is inevitable. However, we must also acknowledge the need for face-to-face psychosocial support and treatments as not all of the CSAM users benefit from similar services. The new ReDirection Self-Help Program that will be developed in 2021 can be easily implemented into different countries and language areas. There is a lack of services for people who seek, use and distribute CSAM in multiple countries and language areas. The ReDirection Self-Help Program will be implemented first to English speaking countries and second into the Spanish speaking countries (Colombia, Latin America).

It is crucial to generate a brand-new research and evidence-based self-help program which is adjusted to serve the needs of the users. In order to prevent child sexual abuse and the usage of the illegal CSE material, we need a focused and user-friendly approach which is now being developed through our ReDirection project. In order to learn more about the user groups we need new research from the users, especially in the Dark Web. The ReDirection project will generate knowledge and the gathered information will be beneficial for the new ReDirection self-help program developed in 2021. The new research from the individuals who search, use and distribute online CSEM will help professionals to better protect children years to come.

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The meta-analysis is written by Protect Children Executive Director, Senior Specialist, Nina Vaaranen-Valkonen, Protect Children Director of Public Affairs and Advocacy, Senior Specialist Hanna-Leena Laitinen, and Intern, LL.M candidate Anna Ovaska

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