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Let’s welcome Protect Children’s first Ambassador – Scharliina Eräpuro

Updated: Jul 12, 2023


Since 2019, we, in Protect Children, have been doing our utmost to end all forms of sexual violence against children. To achieve this goal, we took a research-based holistic method aiming to tackle these heinous crimes from every possible angle.

One of the crucial areas of our work is raising awareness about dreadful scale and effects of child sexual abuse. We strongly advocate nationally and internationally for greater protective and preventative measures. We strive to strengthen the rights of children, survivors and families, and bring justice. Scharliina Eräpuro, the first Ambassador of Protect Children, will join our advocacy and awareness work to enhance the fight against child sexual abuse.

Scharliina Eräpuro: “bringing light into the darkness that exists in our society”

A beautiful person inside and out, Scharliina is a strong advocate for children’s rights who speaks up through art. Among other things, Scharliina is a proud and successful artist, actress, singer, songwriter, and model.

“I have found my way to heal and cope with what I have experienced through my creativity. My creative expressions helped me heal. For this reason, I am inspired to create awareness and help others through this.”

In her art, Scharliina often opens up and touches upon deep topics. For example, the song titled “Little Girl” delves into Scharliina’s own childhood traumas.

At the moment, Scharliina is challenging herself by taking part in the Miss Finland 2023 competition. You may learn more about Scharliina on her personal website here.

The Little Girl Project

Striving to bring justice to victims of child abuse, Scharliina has launched the Little Girl Project.

The Little Girl Project’s main focus is to bring awareness, change and support to end child abuse and deal with its consequences. The Project is driven by ideas of support, empowerment and progress. For someone, a little love and compassion can change the world.

“We believe in a world where every child is safe. And a world where we can all get support in order to heal our traumas, be set free and become whole again.”

“I have always had the enthusiasm and ambition to strive for justice. We should all do that.”

Scharliina’s strength truly inspires and empowers us. As Protect Children’s Ambassador, Scharliina will help us to amplify the voices of survivors, learn from their wisdom and communicate it widely, pushing for societal and legislative change. We are honored to learn from Scharliina’s profound experience and work together, in strong collaboration. The fight against child sexual abuse always needs bright hearts and minds. We are happy to have found both in Scharliina.

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