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Take part in a children's drawing competition - while practicing digital safety skills!


Protect Children is organising a drawing competition, the theme being the colors of the traffic lights in different situations in digital environments. The artworks of the competition winners are presented in our Christmas calendar. The drawing competition is based on the traffic light model we have developed, which instructs children in digital safety skills. Participating in the competition already works as an excellent activity for practicing digital security skills together with children!

Instructions for participation

  • Draw & color (paint or craft) an artwork on the topic: Traffic light colors in different digital everyday situations

  • We warmly encourage children to use their own imagination in their artwork! However, we hope that it will relate to children's everyday digital life and that all three traffic light colors would be used in the works.

Questions orienting to the topic:

  • Which things in digital traffic are green, i.e. allowed, enjoyable and beneficial for a child?

  • Which things in digital traffic are yellow, i.e. new and thought-provoking, where a child should slow down and talk to a safe adult first?

  • Which things in digital traffic are red, i.e. forbidden, confusing, upsetting or scary, where a child should take a screenshot and show it to a safe adult?

(Tip! If you want, use the Stop, Slow & Go Traffic Light Poster)

A photo of the artwork must be sent to Protect Children by 12.12. via e-mail to katariina.leivo(at) so that they can be taken into account in the competition. We will choose the winners whose artworks will be presented in windows 23 and 24 of the Christmas calendar (you can open these windows with the children in advance, e.g. on the last day of school, as the winners will be added to the calendar by December 19th). If you wish, you can include the child's first name and age in the email along with the artwork.

Note! Please make sure that both the child and their guardian have given permission to publish the child's work. By sending us a picture of a child's artwork, you give consent that the picture can be published on Protect Children's website (for example, in the Christmas calendar), and possibly in other communications of our organisation. We do not publish any information about the creators of the artwork that could reveal the child's identity.


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