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The new ReDirection film highlights the paramount importance of child sexual abuse prevention

Updated: Jun 25


The creation, distribution, and use of CSAM is a far greater problem than what is publicly acknowledged. It is an urgent public health and children’s rights issue, posing a significant risk to all children globally.

As a part of the ReDirection Project, Protect Children has developed the ReDirection Self-Help Program - an anonymous rehabilitative self-help program which aims to help adopt a lifestyle without child sexual abuse material (CSAM).

In 2022, Protect Children joined 2PS (Prevent and Protect through Support), an EU funded project that brings prevention to the forefront aiming to prevent harm to children before it occurs. 2PS is currently developing platform that will help people take steps to make positive change by providing a dynamic overview of services and therapy tailored to the user’s needs.

In strong collaboration, Protect Children & 2PS have produced the #ReDirection film highlighting the paramount importance of prevention of child sexual abuse.

Video produced by Havas Helsinki.



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