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Enhancing digital safety skills
#MyFriendToo- lesson

#MyFriendToo lesson plan

The #MyFriendToo lesson is a ready-to-use lesson package developed by Protect Children, aimed at children and young people aged 12-15. 

The Council of Europe estimates that one in five children in Europe is a victim of some form of sexual violence. A significant proportion of cases are not reported to adults and it is widely recognised that there are many barriers to reporting childhood sexual violence. Often children and young people lack age-appropriate knowledge and experience that safe adults care and that something will be done about it when it is reported.

Professionals working in a child's everyday life are essential to ensure the child's well-being and safety. As technology develops and new risks emerge, we need more effective ways to prevent harm against children. Age-appropriate information for children and young people and the presence of safe adults in the digital environment will prevent sexual offences against children.


The #MyFriendToo lesson builds on the #MyFriendToo website and includes:

  • An introductory video for the teacher to watch before the lesson

  • A lesson with thought-provoking videos and interactive activities for students

  • Additional activities

  • Other related materials and resources

The lesson can be ordered by schools for a period of two months (price €350 + VAT). You can request a quote from Protect Children for a lesson for the whole municipality or for several schools. In both cases, please contact the Protect Children team via the button below. The lesson is available in Finnish and will also be available in Swedish.

Protect Children is an NGO based in Helsinki, Finland, dedicated to ending all forms of sexual violence against children. We work with a holistic, research-based approach to prevent child sexual abuse and exploitation.

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