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Protect Children Selected for Scale Accelerator: Preventing Childhood Sexual Violence

Updated: Jun 11


Protect Children is one of ten organisations selected to participate in Spring Impact's flagship Scale Accelerator programme, which is focused on preventing childhood sexual violence across the UK and the European Union.

Made possible thanks to the support of Oak Foundation, Scale Accelerator: Preventing Childhood Sexual Violence seeks to reduce the number of children who experience sexual abuse and exploitation each year. The Spring Impact team will be working closely with each of these organisations to create a society where children are safe from harm and able to thrive.

The programme provides fully-funded consultancy support to these ambitious organisations working at the forefront of this challenge. The consultancy support will equip them with the guidance, tools, and knowledge to build and implement sustainable strategies for scaling their solutions and identify the best way of driving change at a national and systemic level. Ultimately ensuring  their vital work reaches  more people, in more places.

With the support of Spring Impact, we aim to propel our ReDirection program to new heights in the coming years. Developed with support from Safe Online, ReDirection is an innovative online self-help program designed to assist individuals in ceasing the use of child sexual abuse material.

As a small and relatively new organisation, initiatives like these are pivotal in amplifying our impact and steering us towards our mission goals.


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