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Research Publication & Discussion Event at the European Parliament

Tackling the alarming accessibility and availability of child sexual abuse material online

20 February 2024

On February 20th, 2024, Protect Children organised in collaboration with the European Parliament a high-level expert event. Our Executive Director Nina Vaaranen-Valkonen, Deputy Director Anna Ovaska and Head of Research Tegan Insoll presented unprecedented results of our innovative research on tech platforms used by offenders to target children online and view and disseminate child sexual abuse material.

This research publication and discussion event hosted an active discussion with stakeholders on the urgent need for tech platforms and pornography sites to intensify efforts to tackle online child sexual abuse and exploitation. Protect Children's team also shared actionable recommendations for the tech industry to effectively combat online child sexual abuse and exploitation and keep children safe online. In addition, we presented key insights from the global Our Voice survey for survivors of sexual violence in childhood, to demonstrate the long-term adverse impact of technology-facilitated sexual violence against children.

The full event is available for viewing here:

The research project is funded by the Tech Coalition Safe Online Research Fund.


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