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Protect Children’s ambassador Scharliina Eräpuro breaks the silence on childhood sexual violence

Updated: Mar 26

PRESS RELEASE 15.08.2023

Scharliina Eräpuro, Protect Children’s ambassador and Miss Finland finalist, breaks the silence on sexual violence against children by openly sharing her story and journey of recovery from victim to survivor

Scharliina Eräpuro, Miss Finland finalist and ambassador for Protect Children, is doing groundbreaking work to bring the voices and wisdom of survivors of childhood sexual violence to the forefront as part of her work with Protect Children.

"Together with Protect Children we want to bring light to the darkness in our society" says Scharliina Eräpuro, who was announced today as a Miss Finland finalist. Eräpuro is a strong advocate for children's rights, especially the prevention of sexual violence against children. Scharliina has worked through her own traumatic experiences through her Little Girl project and openly shares her journey of recovery through the music she composes and produces. Scharliina raises awareness about the phenomenon of sexual violence against children and shares information with families by sharing Protect Children’s free safety skills educational materials.

"I have found my own path to recovery and have coped with my experiences through my creativity. Art and music have strongly supported me on my recovery journey. One of my main goals in participating in the Miss Finland competition was to raise awareness of this silenced phenomenon and in doing so, help prevent sexual violence against children and support other survivors" emphasizes Scharliina.

As an ambassador for Protect Children, Scharliina helps the organization to amplify the voices and wisdom of survivors of childhood sexual violence, in order to achieve social and legislative change. Scharliina also strongly supports the EU wide petition campaign, launched by the European Justice Initiative. Already more than 290 000 people have signed the petition demanding stronger legislation to combat sexual violence against children, especially online.

"To prevent sexual violence against children, we must always listen to the voices and wisdom of survivors. We are honoured to work in strong collaboration with Scharliina to protect children from sexual violence and support survivors. We also thank Miss Finland for their courageous decision to participate in breaking the silence" says Nina Vaaranen-Valkonen, Executive Director, Senior Specialist, Psychotherapist, Protect Children

Pieces of Me - Charity song

On 1 September, Scharliina will release her new song "Pieces of me", which deals with her own childhood experiences of sexual violence. The song aims to raise awareness of the phenomenon, and in particular to empower other survivors. Half of the proceeds from the song will be donated to Protect Children’s survivor advocacy work. You can already support the song by pre-saving it.

For further information

Nina Vaaranen-Valkonen

Executive Director, Senior Specialist, Protect Children


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