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Stop, Slow & Go - Guide for parents/carers

Päivitetty: 24. elok. 2022


Guide for parents/carers

The Stop, Slow and Go- material packet includes this guide for parents and carers, which has some general information about the material packet, a small homework assignment to be done together with the child as well as a theme to think about together.

Stop, Slow & Go - Guide for parents/carers
Download • 4.49MB

Note! The material package also includes a general guide for teachers as well as additional materials. You can find all the Stop, Slow & Go materials, including the digital safety skills materials for 5-6- and 7-9- year olds, here.


It is important that you are present and supportive of your students so that they can safely enjoy the benefits that the online traffic has to offer. You can encourage children to explore digital environments as long as you are aware of their online activities. Just like with the physical environment when teaching children things such as traffic rules or advising them on how to relate to strangers.

Stop, Slow & Go is a material package relating to digital safety that provides a clear set of instructions on how to deal with digital safety issues with your class or group. It is important for children to practice which things are forbidden (STOP), require consideration (SLOW) or are permitted (GO).

The material has been adapted from the objectives from the teaching curriculums.

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