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Introducing Valeriia Soloveva - Junior Specialist

Updated: Mar 16, 2023


I am proud to begin my role as Junior Specialist at Protect Children. The strong research skills and ability to professionally approach work with heavy topics I acquired during my Master’s degree will help me to produce efficient work in the Protect Children team. As a Junior Specialist, I focus on conducting innovative research, including collecting and analyzing data directly from anonymous offenders searching for child sexual abuse material online.

Together with Protect Children team I …

  • Research patterns, characteristics, underlying risk factors and trends of OCSEA and anonymous offenders online to close the knowledge gap

  • Develop a sustainable data gathering model that can be used internationally

  • Prevent child sexual abuse online globally, using gained knowledge.

I am currently finishing a Master’s degree in Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research. Throughout my studies I have held a strong interest in understanding what is peace: why are some societies called peaceful when different kinds of violence and inequalities are still prevalent there? While researching those overlooked societal issues, I have for the first time encountered the topic of child sexual abuse in the academic literature and its scale – one out of five children in Europe fall victim to some form of sexual violence.

Being inspired by the idea of contributing to possible resolution of the problem, I applied for a three-month internship at Protect Children. The internship allowed me to meaningfully engage in multiple projects and learn about the practical side of addressing online child sexual abuse as a part of a non-governmental organization. I have participated in gathering, analyzing and presenting data; writing recommendations for amending relevant legislation; and innovating and developing new projects. The tasks were diverse and challenging, motivating me to continue learning. The opportunity allowed me to acquire confidence in presenting my ideas, conducting research and collaborating with professionals internationally. I am grateful for strong support of the team throughout the internship.

As a new member of the team, I still have plenty of things to learn and adjust to. The scale, severity and impact of child sexual abuse online often get underestimated – one offender can hurt hundreds of children entailing long-lasting trauma symptoms. Knowing that preventing even one offender from committing a crime can save so many children inspires me to continue our hard work despite the complexity of the subject. Together with the Protect Children team, we contribute greatly to ending all forms of sexual violence.

Stay tuned as I have been working on new language-specific report based on the ReDirection project data!

The report will be published in January 2023. Subscribe to our Newsletter to be up-to-date with our work!


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