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Finland wants better protection for children online

Updated: Jul 21


Finland wants better protection for children online

Tegan Insoll & Rys Farthing

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Children are increasingly growing up in a digital environment, which can have many benefits. But it also presents many risks, and increasingly the digital environment is a significant factor in shaping children’s experiences of violence, abuse, and exploitation.

But this can be changed. The digital environment is a built environment and it can and must be built better for children. Regulating the digital environment, and ensuring that those who build it do it with children’s best interests in mind, is an essential part of reshaping a digital environment that is fit for children.

This report by Tegan Insoll (Protect Children) and Rys Farthing (Reset Australia) shows the Finnish public's support for better protection for children online. Regulation to ensure that children’s data processing advances their rights is urgently needed.

Finland wants better protection for children online 2022
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