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What we do

At Protect Children, we are driven by our mission to build a world free from sexual violence against children. We work with three core themes to support and advocate for victims, survivors, and families; intervene and rehabilitate potential offenders; and empower and educate children to stay safe in all environments. 

Early is Best

Children’s safety skills education

We believe that early education is a powerful tool for prevention. Through our Early is Best initiative at Protect Children, we equip children and young people with essential skills and knowledge to stay safe offline and online. By teaching children about personal boundaries, consent, and safety, we empower them to recognise and respond to potential risks, ensuring their well-being today and for a safer future.

Our Voice

Supporting and advocating for victims, survivors, and families

We stand with victims, survivors, and families affected by childhood sexual violence. The Our Voice initiative is dedicated to providing unwavering support, advocacy, and resources to empower those who have been impacted. Together, we raise our voices to break the silence, advocate for legislative change, and work towards a safer world for all children.


Offender-focused research and prevention

Committed to preventing harm at its source, our ReDirection work focuses on offender-focused research and prevention. We believe in addressing the root causes of sexual violence against children. By conducting innovative research and implementing targeted interventions, we work to redirect potential offenders away from harmful behaviours, ultimately safeguarding vulnerable populations.

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